Old Stables

The Old Stables consists really of 2 spaces - the Tack Room with loft space and the Stables. Both were at risk due to serious cracks and ivy growth on the roof and walls. It was imperative to get to work. A planning application to urgently restore lay on the shelves of Wicklow County Council too long. In the deep snows of 2011 an alarming, crashing noise signalled its demise. Roof on the ground we were decisive, and with the agreement of the Heritage Officer commenced remedial action.

We had lost beautiful beams and a significant portion of the gable end. We matched new joists to old, installed a ring beam and using the stones that had fallen, rebuilt those walls that had collapsed. It seemed we could now move positively forward.

A crash of a different type prevented it - financial. A mortgage proved impossible.

We comfort ourselves though, that the buildings are dry, safe and await simply the rather significant final finishes that would permit re-use.

Grants are difficult to access for this type of project. Time marches forward.

And… we wait in hope ...


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