Second Farmstead

Coach House and Forge

What we call the Coach House is really 3 spaces - the Carthouse (Bedroom) the Forge and the Granary (Office). We believe this is the oldest part and when we moved here in 1994, the roof had leaks. There are few clay and wattle fireplaces remaining in Ireland and ours was in danger of dissolving! Re-slating was our first job here in 1995, lime plastering our second in 1997, and in 2006 we installed geothermal underfloor heating to gently keep it all dry. If we have a favourite part of the house, this is it. We imagine the heat the stone oven produced to forge iron and the purposes to which it was put.

The clay fireplace extends upwards into the space above. This was where grain was stored; we know this because it still falls between the joists downstairs! We installed a staircase and the lofty space became our architectural office, with light pouring in from new roof lights.

And beneath, we inserted a bedroom into the space that had held the family cart in the 1600s.

Re-using this derelict part of the farmstead has enriched our family life; it has also ensured the continuation of this old, old building. Today it feels warm, light and thanks to its venerable age, characterful.


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