First Farmstead

What we believe would have been the first inhabited building on site, was a veritable ivy hulk before we got our hands onto it … In 2011, the slow, tortuous ivy removal from what we now call the First Farmstead began … first removing the weighty branches, then spraying the roots with weedkiller … again and again … to remove dead ivy cumulatively, reducing the chance of disturbing the lime joints that held the surviving stone structure together …

And the cottage began to emerge … and then we thought … make it an outdoor exhibition centre ...

With the help of a skilled stonemason, we saved all the stonework we could and stabilised what we couldn’t. Evidence of earlier concrete repairs and a full concrete gable end had emerged from beneath the ivy and provided evidence that the cottage had been in trouble before. This too is a part of its story.

And ... what a great exhibition space it makes ...

But, most importantly, we had learned that this cottage pre-dated the other buildings - used whilst the main house was being constructed, and thereafter as a labourer’s cottage.

Another part of the story weave … uncovered … and now, re-used ...

We are grateful to Wicklow Rural Partnership for the grant provided. It assisted us to have an idea, follow it through … and add to an emerging jigsaw that reveals resourceful, committed and hardworking first occupants - who made buildings, a working farm, a family and a life here - who pursued their dream to become ‘Friends’ and form a community.


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